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Strategy - Drugs, Milk, and Money: Three Ways to Do Social Media in Regulated Industries : MarketingProfs Article

Life Sciences companies struggle with how to reach their potential influencers and customers without breaking the complex laws surrounding them. This article from MarketingProfs is worth the read. It uses the same language I do when speaking to my Life Sciences and other companies who are concerned with using social media for marketing and sales purposes.

Going to play in other people's sandboxes
Go To Where the Conversations Are! Join them and engage. Give them some honest answers and point to great places for your influencers to find material about your industry and category (not necessarily your product). Now influence your channel - the patients - by joining their conversations. Trust me, all of your potential clients are spending time online researching. Play in their sandbox of content and conversation.

Strategy - Drugs, Milk, and Money: Three Ways to Do Social Media in Regulated Industries : MarketingProfs Article

  1. Bring Legal and Regulatory in at the beginning

    Make "them" your best friend. As the lead counsel in a financial services company told me, "I hate being seen as 'Ms. No.' Bring me in early, and I will help find a solution that works for the customer and our company."

    In fact, bring "them" into the critical meetings with Marketing, Sales, Communications, Technology, and Customer service—everyone in the same room. It will force a focus on solutions, not potholes.
  2. Think content

    Look at the content (including whitepapers, discussion guides, and videos) that is already published, circulated, and approved. Our experience suggests that half of the battle has already been won if you start with content and information that is already approved.

    For example, a globally prominent hospital has mostly scientific content targeted at the medical community. But the title of one of its research reports is "The Cardiological Impact of Stress on the Female Executive." Now, if its marketers were to extract key parts and make it consumer-friendly, how appealing would that content be for millions of women worldwide, including those mommy bloggers?

  3. Go where the conversations are

    Take the content, the experts, and the tools, and adopt a "how do I add value to the conversation?" mindset. In our work with DMI and Hood, it was clear that a clinical view would not be differentiated. So we created a series of Web-based branded content around the concept of "Moovision," culminating in a "Gourmoo Cookoff"—a recipe contest judged by celebrity chefs and shared by foodie bloggers, and targeting several foodie communities.

    The videos were voraciously consumed; more importantly, brand awareness jumped by double digits and two-thirds of the feedback had positive sentiment around keywords like "taste," nutrition," and "family health"—aligning with the core program objectives.

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