Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Writers are the key to excellent search engine marketing. Of course, you know that.

In the 90s I thought that PR people would be the rulers of search engine optimization and search results visibility because PR people understood that compelling distributed content generated related comments and analysis. Well, PR people didn't rule. For the last 10 years I have felt it was the writers of all aspects of basic, text-based content. And it continues to be those that can write for the web that rule the success/failure of search visibility projects/goals even if the content no longer resides just on the corporate website. Someone who can write a great description/caption for a video is a treasure indeed.

Copyblogger.com is one of the only 10 sites that are on my home page. Each of their articles/posts is easy to read, has a little humour and imminently scan-able by my impatient eye. The article below summarizes what they preach and practice.


My major takeaway from the article - lots of white space is good. 

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