Monday, August 23, 2010

Google's New Treatment of Organic Results - Good for Searchers, Bad for Subdomains

Google has made public its new organic results that serve up more than 2 results from a single domain on the first page of search results. While in the past there has always been an opportunity to have 2 results from a main www domain, plus 8 little sitelinks, now there will be many more www results from any major brand site. Google has decided that for keywords where it is clear that searchers are looking for deep information from the same authority site, then Google will display multiple pages.

You can see this well in the search for symantec

On my computer I see:
  • 6
  • 8 little sitelinks
  • news results above the fold
  • 2
  • the ubiquitous wikipedia
  • 1 from
This is good and bad news for brands. It means that the pages people most often click-on through search results will be shown to them directly so you make the searchers happy. The bad news is that subdomains that used to be highly visible under a brand search will not be as visible.

I expect Google to refine this over time so things will be in flux for quite some time. The need to have highly relevant title tags and meta description tags, as well as text-based content, that clearly define the page continues to be very important.

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