Thursday, May 27, 2010

Google Increases Transparency of Ad Content Network - Higher Conversions Now Possible

Google has made a move to transparency today for advertisers that would like to use the content network but were afraid or unsure of where their ads were going. They have created a list of the top 1000 sites on the web based on their toolbar-gathered data and released it on for their Ad Planner tool that is part of the DoubleClick world. This list, in my opinion, is a smart method of getting more advertisers to use the content network - and thus spend more money. It will be smart money spent if advertisers and their agencies continue to track conversions but recognize that regardless of being able to know big the sites specifically based on that conversions will (ok, may) be lower than for pure search.

From SEL: The Google published list ranks sites based on category, unique visitors, reach and page views. Not only has Google come out with this list, but they are also allowing advertisers to specify that they only want their content ads to show on these top 1,000 sites.

Thought I would snapshot sites from 10 to 25. I suggest looking at 300-500 for some real nuggets where others may not venture.

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