Monday, April 26, 2010

Google - Changing Up the Search Results Options in Germany

I may have missed the announcement but searching around the web looking for clients' web visibility I was surprised to see a left hand navigation on the results page on Ok, not terribly surprised.  Since Google put the 'show options' button on the results page it was clear that they were going to move those selections into the main stream. They have done it in Germany. Also, at's home page, no longer can you select - pages from Germany only. That can be done once you are looking at the first set of results. Bing placed the more specific, timely, search options on the first page of results quite some time ago.

This provides the searcher with a quick way to see 'realer' time results and narrow down their search. Notice that Google also, as it has with blended search for awhile, narrows the main categories (Alles, Blogs, News, and then Mehr); helping you decide which categories of media has some useful content based on your search. Searches on superstars will bring up Bilder and Videos as options.

And here is a shot of the home page. Notice no radio buttons. Let me know when you saw this change. I predict a few weeks before it shows up in and a few more weeks/months before it shows up in the .com results themselves.

Remember to use Google webmaster tools to 'tell' Google where your German site/content is.

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