Wednesday, January 27, 2010

STILL Reading Code to do My Job as a Marketer!

When Dana Todd asked me what I am still doing today that I can't believe I am still doing, I said 'reading code'. I thought, as web marketing and search marketing matured that I would not have to look under the hood of a web page anymore. Not so. Yesterday was a banner day in just that, reading code, to get my job done. My job, FYI, is to generate high-quality leads via search marketing campaigns for clients who like to feed their sales reps.

First it was Wordpress. It is a wonderful product for blogs and sites. It has themes that take most of the pain of 'coding' away but there are many times I have to click the little button that lets me 'see' the inner workings of the template or a post. I do some work with Vive and helped them establish a blog (search friendly of course). We wanted to embed a video on the blog. We had to include the code provided by YouTube to do this. Code.

Next it was Google Adwords tracking. We got it all set up so that a new client's conversion pages were tagged with the Google tracking pixel by asking a webmaster to update their site code (appropriate, right?). Didn't work, so into the code I went. I found that the code had been placed inside a table tag - ooops - that didn't work. I took a snippet of the code, placed the Google provided code in the right place and sent it off to the web developer. Code.

And finally it was trying to figure out why a certain set of words were being displayed in the brand search result for a client, Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. The little sitelink said 'Broadway Tickets Service Best...'. Since this is one of their big promotions, it isn't a disaster from a search point of view that it shows up but I couldn't for the life of me find it in the content of the site. So into the code I went to look at the part of the site only coders and search engines see. It was an image alt tag and used very prevalently on the site. Code.

Ack - Blogger didn't make it obvious how to put a link into an image for this blog post. I have been using Blogger since 2003 for the WebMama Blog but they changed the interface. I had to click on the 'edit html' tab and find the a href, etc, etc. 

People ask me what skills they need to be a strategist in internet marketing. I always tell them to learn to read html. I love the faces on the MBA grads when I tell them that. They will learn. 

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