Monday, January 11, 2010

Passion for SEM Secures Place on Top 100 Marketers List

Nice to get a mention (at #19) on the INVESP’s list of top 100 marketers 2009. Having worked in the marketing world for over 20 years, I’m still passionate about lead gen and direct response search marketing, especially at a time when so many folk think SEO is dead. I disagree, as do my clients; SEO is absolutely still alive and well, as an integral part of any comprehensive and smart web marketing strategy.

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Real-Time Content and the Enterprise - A report on the players

Sameer Patel released today a report on The Real-Time Enterprise. In the report he discusses the role of interacting real-time with customers as a vehicle for product definition, support, and employee communications. He looks at the companies with opportunities in this area.

This area is something all search engine marketing companies and web marketing managers should be excited about. All external, real-time interactions add content to the web for a company - content that is being eaten up gladly by Google and Bing, and shared on twitter and facebook.

The report is only available with a subscription to Gigaom service for $79/year. You can follow Sameer on twitter. A quote from the report to whet your appetite:
In 2010, expect to see the concept of the real time enterprise ascend the hype cycle. Enterprises will begin to analyze how real-time access can help discrete business processes such as customer interaction, sales intelligence, lead generation, partner interaction and employee project collaboration, and they’ll begin to evaluate the switching cost of moving their systems and data to platforms that have real-time as part of their solution sets. Customers and prospects are interacting with each other and with enterprises in real-time making it imperative for the enterprise to structure its own internal and external processes to respond to customers as fast as possible. Expect this shift to be one of the primary drivers for considering a real-time architecture.

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