Wednesday, December 01, 2010

No Surprise to Search Marketers - Emarketer says Content Marketing Is Critical in 2011

In order to be highly visible in search results you need to have content. The content needs to be in places other than your corporate website. Having optimized content on your corporate website is just a baseline now for web marketing and SEO activities; a fundamental and required activity that every company should have executed by now. Having rich content of multiple different media elements is becoming required. A new name for the type of web elements, and how you use them, is emerging: "earned media". Finally a word for what search marketers have been preaching for years. And most importantly, all of this content needs to be searchable so all of it has to be optimized.

2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical - eMarketer

But I want to make sure it is clear that encouraging user-generated content (a brief, fun presentation of mine on UGC) is still critical and participating in other people's "earned media" worlds is just as critical for high search visibility and brand reputation. User-generated content is respected by search engines and recognizes that it really is a consumer's (B2B purchaser/influencer) world. Clearly the search engines reward companies who play in other people's sandboxes.

Thanks Geoff for such an important review.

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