Tuesday, February 23, 2010

User-generated content & search visibility: live, online presentation by Barbara Coll - February 24 - 9am

Tomorrow I am presenting online a scrumptious talk on User Generated Content and Search Visibility. This is a powerful to increase a company's domination of a brand or category search result, whether it be in instant or traditional search. Come just me.

To attend the talk sign up with BrightTalk.

Talk Description:
Engagement with potential and current customers is a prevailing theme of last decade. This decade we take it a step forward; engagement needs to be in public, open to all comments and not necessarily in the web location of our choice. From the search point-of-view, engagement usually means words and words are still the food of search engines. Search engines favor user-generated content and are increasing giving UGC high visibility in search results – especially real-time results. Join me in talking about UGC and its implications on search visibility.

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