Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Response (again) to 'is SEO dead'. No obviously.

In response to the age old comment - SEO is Dead - Danny Sullivan wrote back again to say NO. I posted this comment in response:
webmama: Let's call it search visibility with the theory that the more visible you are for relevant, converting words the more quality traffic, the more leads, the more sales. Basic right. Ok, now expand it to Real-time search. If you aren't visible in real-time search then you aren't getting traffic. If you aren't paying attention you may never be visible. If your attention doesn't include a thought to 'how' to show up in real-time search, or video search, or news search, twitter search, facebook search or shopping search, then you aren't making the most of the opportunity; you aren't visible enough. Making the most of the opportunity is what SEO is all about. Certainly not dead. It has an expanded role.
I even gave a presentation entitled 'Is SEO Dead' at a conference in Vancouver this Fall.

More and more startups are figuring out that search visibility is critical to their success. Dead? You tell me.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Seven Predictions for 2010 from eMarketer’s CEO - eMarketer

I have great respect for Geoff Ramsey's opinions. I think the most important one is #5 "Social marketing works best when it’s earned, not paid for." That doesn't necessarily mean that you don't pay a web visibility expert or consulting firm (that would be to help you be visible in the social media world when people are searching, it means that buying advertising on the social sites may not be the way to go. I further interpret it as needing to have a strategy for your company's Facebook group and pages, the Twitter feed and your blogs (just to name the top elements). Putting up the pages, etc without a strategy will lead to inconsistent messaging, no lead generation and, probably, a lack of posting/interaction. There are great opportunities for search visibility - for dominating real-time, personalized and regular search results.

Seven Predictions for 2010 from eMarketer’s CEO - eMarketer

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