Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Synergy of Search and Social Media - eMarketer

eMarketer has produced a quick overview of some reports that are saying social media mentions/visibility/advertising increase search volume for the subject's brand. Any increase in search volume whether through the paid search ads or natural search visibility should increase sales or leads. I agree with the premise of the article.

Care must be taken so that people don't replace search engine advertising with social media efforts. The social media work, paid or not, increases the volume of searches. If your brand and/or product is not represented on search, then you have lost the benefit of the increased traffic.

Remember that search visibility includes not only the standard ads and your core website, but also the video, news, blogs, forums, etc, etc visibility.

The Synergy of Search and Social Media - eMarketer

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Mind-blowing Microsites - Definition and Uses

Microsites let you take more risk? As corporate content continues to fragment more and more, is a microsite a way of controlling some of that fragmentation or does it just mess with the brand message? Different groups within a company will certainly give you different answers.

If you look at from the Search point of view: it gives you a targeted destination for converting keywords, it provides more content associated with your brand that you control, and the sites may get you another place on the coveted first page of results. On the down side: many developers of microsites do not design them in a search friendly way, they don't tend to be linked into the rest of the world, and rarely do they have enough text-based content. If I were developing a microsite and would like it to be visible in search results, I would make sure it was search friendly.

Imedia Connection recently posted a really good article by Fred Brown on the subject. Read the Article on Microsites.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Internet Statistics on China - lots of 'fun' users

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