Friday, September 18, 2009

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Dead? No!

A catchy title for sure. This was the beginning of a presentation I gave at the Internet Marketing Conference in Vancouver on whether search engine optimization plays a role now that the world is moving towards real-time search. I, of course, said YES, it isn't dead it has just gotten more complicated. Instead of optimizing just your website content, now you need to optimize every element that you post that represents your company. This includes twitter, slideshare, linkedin group messages, facebook (friendfeed), and in the management of all user-generated content.

This is the time that keyword analysis is critical. Those converting keywords need to be used in all of the postings. Those postings get visibility in search results - so why not under your keywords. Everypost company 'poster' needs to be taught that list of important terms and encouraged to use them often. Search Engine Marketing isn't dead, it is just expanding.

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