Monday, November 30, 2009

Real-Time & Advanced B2B Search Marketing - Chicago SES

Next week is the Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference. I am excited to be presenting at two sessions:

1 - Real-time Search (December 7)- Session Designer, moderator and speaker. I will be talking about user-generated content. After all, you can't get 'real-time' unless there is fresh content, in whatever media format, being created. I will be using VMware as an example of user-generated content and how the community helps VMware be highly visible in search results.

2 - Advanced B2B Search Marketing (December 9) - I will bring many, many examples of B2B search marketing tactics that have been highly successful in achieving search result dominance. Pulled from clients like VMware, Verisign, WebEx, HP I will be offering the audience successful SEM tactics that can be implemented when they return to the office.

Search: A Real Time Paradigm?
Search engines strive to have the most up-to-date content on the web, indexed and ready for display to searchers. They are moving towards that goal quickly, showing fresh, instant content higher in the blended search results. Google has created 'show options' which includes pages crawled in the last 24 hours and forum/review results. Others like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are indexing instant submissions and making them highly visible in search results. Fresh content is a high priority for search marketers and advertisers to create and optimize.

How can you ensure that your products and services are highly visible in this new search arena? Communities, forums, status messages, breaking news, groups and other methods are in the conversation. These experts know how to take you there and will suggest the best ways to become visible.

Advanced B2B Search Marketing
Is B2B search marketing really different than B2C? The answer is YES... usually. Many B2B companies sell complex, high-consideration products and services, with a long, complex sales process that involves multiple touch-points and ultimately an offline transaction. Furthermore, most B2B marketers utilize their website to engage prospects and generate leads... not sell products online.

Learn how to turn a complex buying process into an opportunity and competitive advantage for your firm. This session will cover:

The significance of the buying cycle.
Review of industry data on how B2B buyers search and how their behavior does indeed change across the buying process.

Best ways to reach prospects.
Provide actual PPC campaign examples showing how keywords, ad copy, and landing pages must change for each buying-cycle phase.

Tips on generating leads.
Review of B2B landing page best practices. Specific suggestions regarding testing website elements including: registration forms, downloadable assets, benefit statements and images. Brief case study on how ongoing testing improves conversion over time.

Presentations will be posted on my slideshare account immediately following the conference.

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