Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Igniting Viral through Reviews, Comments and Threads

This SES (San Jose August 10-14) I will be presenting a soundbite on how using reviews, comments and forum threads can lead to high search visibility and results domination. The session is about viral and my focus is that you need up-to-date content, shall we even say, real-time content, in order to attract the engines today. One way is to let your audience and customers provide the content. Of course, it all has to work in a search engine friendly way to be visible at all.

The session is on Wednesday August 12th and titled:

Igniting Viral Campaigns: Leveraging Consumer-Generated Content
How can businesses leverage social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more to break through and create buzz, encourage word of mouth, and establish relationships with potential customers? This session unveils the secrets of Web 2.0 techniques and technologies that enable companies to stand out and be talked about.

Brian Ellefritz, Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing, Cisco Systems
Matthew Liu, Product Manager, YouTube Sponsored Videos
Greg Finn, Director of Internet Marketing, 10e20
Barbara Coll, CEO, WebMama.com Inc.

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