Tuesday, June 02, 2009

BING - Quick Comments

BING is game changing for Google as I believe Microsoft may have leaped them in search quality.

BING takes what Google has shown only in the blended search navigation bar and in 'show options' option, and puts the right information on the first page of results. Microsoft, in BING, has categorized into obvious buckets what you would like to see when you do a search. It has uncluttered the page giving you not only what you want to see about the keyword but provides you with a way of interacting with that 'keyword'.

And if you want to interact with UPS to track a package then search for UPS on BING and you get the track package option in the search results - no hidden short cuts, no 9 other results. http://cli.gs/bing-results

If you want to go to southwest airlines and use search to get there, then search southwest on bing. You get the top results for the site. You get Southwest's navigation (top left column of page). You get related searches and similar sites (listing competitors primarily). You get ads. And you get the customer service number - brilliant. And what you don't get are all the other results, unless you want them - a clean page with a ton of white space.

Does this change the game on SEO? The methodology at my company has always been clear - don't let the search engines dictate what you want them to display. That still holds true. There are three things that continue to need to be applied to sites in order to ensure visibility:
1 - make sure your site is indexable
2 - make sure you TELL the search engines what pages are the ones you want displayed in the secondary links through internal and external linking
3 - optimize EVERY online media asset that you control, on and off the site

All opinions welcome.

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