Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Insightful Sitelink Results: Phrase From Blog, Result from Website

Like all companies should, I track the reputation of my brand on the search engine organic, paid, twitter, video, facebook, etc results. I especially look at for the search keyword webmama.

Recently the sitelinks changed. The pages that each link points to did NOT change but the phrase that appears in the list did. Two of the sitelinks now show phrases from a blog postings of mine at but point to the same page on that they previously did. [The blog posts do link into the same page as well.]

What used to be nice, clearly worded link text is now weird to searchers I am sure (see image below). When I first saw the new links, I did a search on Google for the phrase: webmama 'present in front of an audience'. This turned up a blog post from July 2007 posted about the now extinct SES Latino conference. The link in the blog post said exactly that 'present in front of an audience' and it linked to the speaking page on my website.

The other link that changed, much to my chagrin, was the SEO audit link. I used SEO in lower case in a blog post in March 2008 and that is what Google picked up. The blog post also appeared in with exactly the same text. I have since retroactively changed the blog post wording to capitals and am waiting to see how long it takes Google to update the site link. I am always watching traffic to see if I lose ground on clicks to the audit page.

New Sitelinks:

Old Sitelinks:

How I found the link text that was showing up in the sitelinks:

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