Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Proof that Google Can Index Flash Movie Contents?

I am excited that I found a great research report through Google. That doesn't sound exciting to you? That is because you haven't seen the document - it is all done in Adobe Flash. Page turning, cover viewing, zooming, etc, everything in a movie.

When I searched for the razorfish/CafeMom report

I found the top two results on Google pointing me to two results. Each result had very descriptive copy. I expected a regular word/pdf/text document. Nope, all Flash. And the content was all indexed by Google. Yeah Google!

Here is the text that Google read to index.

Now, is it because there is another copy of this somewhere in clean text under the Flash file - didn't see one? Is it because they used the version of ShockWave that 'allows' Google to see the words in the file? Hard to tell. I just didn't want the example to go unnoticed. Feel free to comment and tell me about other Flash documents you have seen 'read' by the search engines.

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