Thursday, April 16, 2009

Excellent Speaking Tips by Jim Sterne (emetrics)

Jim Sterne knows that of which he talks. His emetrics conferences are top notch. The sessions he does himself are casual, funny and yet full of valuable content. He obviously follows his own advice.

Here is his advice:

1. Don't underestimate the audience. I would much rather have people gripe that the material was too advanced than too simple.

2. Err on the side of brevity. Think of your presentation as the warm-up to the Q&A session. And if they don't have any questions - come prepared with questions *you* want to ask *them*. Your goal is to be interesting enough that people tweet about it, blog about it and want to continue the conversation in the lobby bar.

3. Be passionate. If people want to know what you think, they'll read your blog. They come to a conference because they want to know how you feel. What do you *really* find exciting? amazing? astonishing? ridiculous? Feel deeply and express emphatically. They will thank you.

Next chance to see me attempt to follow his suggestions is at his emetrics conference in San Jose on May 5-7th. Session entitled: All Your Search Questions Answered.

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