Monday, February 09, 2009

Communities, Content and Search

My talk at SES New York is unique this year. It is about content! And it is 50 minutes long with 1 speaker, me. Session on Thursday March 26th at 2:15. Description follows. Hope to see you all there.

Online Communities: A Bonanza of Content for Searchers and Search Engines

An online community for your niche can be a welcoming place for current and future customers. Let your customers and prospects engage in conversation while they/you provide valuable information, give them a place to connect with others, and let them praise and vent. Of course you also make it easy for them to learn more about your product or service and help them purchase. You should also think about the fact that search engines LOVE this kind of content! It is relevant to the category and has lots of text and keywords. Search engines want to see more content that is customer-generated instead of the same old product pitches. But you need to make sure your community and review/rating environment is search-friendly as there are some potential issues that can take you unaware.

All the basic SEO best practices should come into play when developing a community based site. This session will discuss techniques for getting your community and review sites indexed, including Google webmaster tools usage, minimizing duplicate content, technical issues that may arise, and tagging. Attendees will learn how to use communities and review sites as part of an internal linking campaign to help the engines understand what pages on your site are important for displaying in search results. Two case studies - 1 B2B and 1 consumer - will be used as examples of well-indexed, well-linked communities.

Introduction By:
Rebecca Lieb, Contributing Editor, ClickZ

Solo Presentation by:
Barbara Coll
, CEO, Inc.

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