Monday, December 01, 2008

Fabulous Pictures from SEMPO NASDAQ Ringing!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

SEMPO / NASDAQ / Search Maturity?

When we founded SEMPO in 2003 we the founders envisioned a search marketing industry that was beyond the grassroots-type marketing most of the industry was mired in at that time. We wanted to see a grown-up industry where search marketing was equally respected along side email, tv and other display media. We wanted to see an industry where best practices were practiced by the majority of the consultants and companies involved. It was a vision that was supported by the top search engines as they believed, as I did, that a successful industry association could encourage the movement of traditional marketing dollars into paid search spending. It was a vision that many consultants and search agencies bought into, literally, without obvious, tangible return on investment.

Has SEMPO succeeded? To me, the amazing educational offerings alone make it a success but there is so much more. And now we have solid proof that SEMPO has established itself beyond the realm of just the search marketers and the search engines - into the realm of finance. SEMPO has helped establish search as a mature means of direct response and brand marketing. SEMPO has been recognized as representing a group of professional marketers, publishers and tool makers. The big news is that Dana Todd - the current SEMPO Chair (Barbara Coll (me), Kevin Lee and Gord Hotchkiss were previous chairs) - rings in the start of December at NASDAQ. SEMPO is being recognized as representing an industry that will be one of the shining lights in the year to come.

As the first President and first Chair of SEMPO, I couldn't be prouder of where SEMPO has come from the days around Noel McMichael's table in San Francisco overlooking the bay.

Here is the information on how to see the big event tomorrow.

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Go Dana.

Image below from second elected Board.

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