Friday, August 08, 2008

Google is the Winner by Far in the UK - new comScore Report

Some new data from ComScore confirms what we all already knew -

More than 3 out of 4 Searches Conducted in the UK are on Google Sites.

ComScore goes on to say:
  • There were 3.9 billion total searches conducted in the U.K. during the month.
  • 31 million U.K. Internet users conducted at least one search.
  • U.K. searchers conducted an average of 124 searches per searcher during the month, or 4.1 searches per day.
  • U.K. searchers made a combined total of 937 billion visits to a search engine in May, with an average of 4.1 searches per visit.
Interesting that Comscore considers Ebay a sources of searches....

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SEMPO San Francisco Group - FIRST meeting

SEMPO has a San Francisco/Bay Area Group. With the growth of the organization many have realized that it would be fun and advantageous to get together small groups to talk about search marketing.

The first meeting is Wednesday August 13th from 6-9 at Medjool in San Francisco. All the details and rsvp page are at
There is also a FaceBook group you can join. No need to be a SEMPO member even though that is one of the goals of the group and event; to grow SEMPO membership.

Since 2003 when I was part of a group that founded SEMPO I have watched the organization grow into a social network of like-minded souls. It has exceeded all our dreams for the organization.

Thanks so much to Jessica Bowman in all her work in getting this started. See you there.


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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ranking Reports Still A Necessity of the Business?

Yes, we run ranking reports. Yes, the demise of WebPosition Gold is painful because of that. I posted on a few forums about it and wanted to show the thread. Hope it is helpful.

Initial Comment on WP:

"Has anyone else noticed that after years of threatening it appears that Google has now blocked WP Gold from reporting rankings through their tool? We called the WP support line and they said they are waiting for Google to 'do' something and have NO ETA has to when it will be fixed."

and taken up by

My response to comments that people can't believe that we are still doing ranking reports. Bottom Line: Give the client what they want. Multi-billion dollars companies don't change status quo easily.

"I knew that I would get the 'I can't believe they still run ranking reports' comment. You are right, I am not so behind the times and am very, very clear with clients that it is NOT the measurement they should be using for tracking.

That said: in order to track organic, video, or image download or whatever that is not a paid search or online click you need the cooperation of a whole different group in the company. Sophisticated clients have most web marketing run out of marketing organizations with marketing budgets - they don't own IT or the traffic analysis packages. Some are using completely different systems to track marketing campaigns, of which search is a part, like marketfirst or eloqua. The in-house SEO people at these clients are in the marketing divisions now and we work with them. It is the sign of a mature company if SEO and Paid Search are all in marketing - but it creates other problems.

The best way to track organic is to tag the visitor in some way but because it is not tracked say with a dart tag or a Google adwords tag, which can be set up by marketing people at the campaign level, this tracking requires 'help' from a different division.

Executives need something that is highly visible, isn't just about numbers and shows improvement or problems readily - thus rankings.

So, as we mature and move SEO away from the IT/developer crowd into the world of marketing campaigns we lose some of our ability to control the technical side of the business. I would rather it be part of marketing anyway. "

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