Monday, December 15, 2008

SES Chicago - playing devil's advocate doesn't always work

People in the SEM world know that I like to spark a little controversy. For the Video Search Optimization Session I did just that. I know that the panelists enjoyed the approach because they were used to me but I am not sure the audience did.

I put forth the 'proof' that video optimization or videos in general do NOT get you any sales. I was talking about companies that are doing videos for direct response; where they are expecting instant sales. And I completely dismissed 'going viral'. I stated, boldly, that zero sales will happen no matter how many views. Not a happy thought - and not a popular thought.

I did give a few very useful pointers but I think they got lost in the rest of the presentation. Here are the useful thoughts for direct response marketers.

- make sure your URL is in the submitted description of the video
- add your URL graphically to the video somewhere
- submit to all video sites and use Google video sitemaps
- promote your video from other places (links)
- extend your Google advertising campaign to include adwords/adsense on youtube
- look into 'channels' on youtube as a way of controlling what videos are visible for your products
- other excellent point I wish I had made: embed your youtube video in blogs and other sites

The presentation is on the webmama website. Please watch it in slideshow mode as it makes more sense animated.

Feedback welcome. Oh, and PS, Gregory Markel and Greg Jarboe - thanks the for the lively discussion. Great fun.

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