Friday, October 10, 2008

Website Link Architecture - Google Guidance

Google has posted some insight into internal link architecture that matches the WebMama methodology closely. It is always rewarding to have recommended and implemented a website development and usability method that is useful to humans and useful to bots; it provides relevant information to both. More importantly, once again, it is shown that no tricks are required to have an optimized site that achieves high visibility in search results.

Here are some snippets:

"Keep important pages within several clicks from the homepage"

"Although you may believe that users prefer a search box on your site rather than category navigation, it's uncommon for search engine crawlers to type into search boxes or navigate via pulldown menus. So make sure your important pages are clickable from the homepage and for easy for Googlebot to find throughout your site. It's best to create a link architecture that's intuitive for users and crawlable for search engines."

"Use descriptive anchor text"

Writing descriptive anchor text, the clickable words in a link, is a useful signal to help search engines and users alike to better understand your content. The more Google knows about your site—through your content, page titles, anchor text, etc.—the more relevant results we can return for users (and your potential search visitors)."

"Verify that Googlebot finds your internal links"

Complete Posting of Google WebMaster Blog - Internal Link Architecture.

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