Tuesday, September 02, 2008

SearchMe - Old News but Good News

I have just found out that the founder of the search engine Searchme is the father of one of the boys on my soccer team. (I coach my son's BU14 AYSO team). Randy Adams has quite the history of entrepreneurial work in Silicon Valley.

I did some playing around with the engine and love it. My discovery of Searchme may be old news to some, but when the application beta was announced in March my attention was elsewhere. I don't believe Blog postings need to be about current news but about things that may be of interest to people who are NOT of the search marketing industry. Searchme is blended search with an excellent user interface. Kind of takes the iphone approach to flipping through relative content. It is smart about related searches and categorization. It has a bit of delicious as well with its 'stacks' model. Listings and snippets appear only if you want them. The diagram shows a search on webmama. I liked the results.

The TechCrunch article talks about their funding and the founders. Backed by some big wigs. Randy Adam's professional bio on linkedin.

Just FYI - here are three other applications that have crossed by macbook recently.

Quantcast - for competitive analysis and industry comparisons
Spy FU - for competitive analysis and industry comparisons
Addictomatic - for stalking and reputation management

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