Thursday, August 21, 2008

SES Advanced B2B Session Wrap Up

Chock full of pain killers and boiling hot I was still able to provide some useful information about working with an Enterprise Sales Force with search marketing leads; convincing or forcing them to look at the leads as highly valuable. [Barbara Coll,, Advanced B2B Presentation, SES San Jose]

I did add something to the discussion that I think could be a talk into itself: How to manage the distribution of search engine marketing funds and keywords between low-end, low-cost products that are available to purchase directly in an online store and the enterprise product sales. There is no doubt in my mind (and in most of my client's) that in the long run the enterprise products make a company more money. The lifetime value of those customers is much higher and the average selling price huge. The difference could be between an open source free product and a $10000 site license. But the low-end product sale is instantly measurable and provides a compelling case backed up with lots of data. Not an easy thing to do with enterprise sales with direct sales reps involved. In my opinion the company needs to do both of these things:
  1. Look at the lifetime value of the customer;
  2. Do a ton of up selling online and in vigourous follow-up.
There is often a battle between low-end and high-end and it needs to be resolved strategically at the business strategy and sales level - not at the marketing programs level. Keep in mind that this applies to paid search activities and search engine optimization. There needs to be a choice as to which pages are truly the ones that 'should' show up when a searcher types in one of the high converting words for the company.

The SES conference was busy and all the great speakers were there. Sorry I couldn't spend more time but healing from foot surgery is a long process. I even missed the Google Dance for the first time since its inception; my 2001 t-shirt wasn't even taken out of the back of the closest. One comment to the organizers - the rooms were far too big. We had approximately 100 people in the Advanced B2B session and it felt like 10 as they were so spread out across the 300 seats.

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