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Great Blogs Complement SEO Efforts - Summary of Lee Odden Talk at SES

Most businesses don't realize the value of blogs when it comes to SEO. But - they want to.

"SEO and blogs equal success" Lee Odden told the packed audience at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose Wednesday. "Blogs with great content, that are optimized and promoted, create overwhelming competitive advantages."

By way of case studies, Lee made a strong case for why blogs are an indispensable and valuable tool for business and should be treated with great care and much forethought.

Currently, Technorati tracks over 112 million blogs. According to Lee, of those blogs, 100 million have less than 20 inbound links, 400,000 have more than 20 links, and the top 2,600 have over 1,000 inbound links.

"Think about that," he points out, "to sit within the top 1 per cent of blogs, one thing you'll need to do is get 1,000 links."

Assuming the blog contains quality content, this is achievable. While it may take businesses a little longer to do it themselves, this number of links is attainable by proficient search marketers--easily and within a reasonable time frame.

Take a look at the case studies, and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Case Study 1: Senior housing development company

- Create an informal communications platform to present issues important to its target market.
- Launch optimized blog and promote unique content via blogger relations, article promotions.
SEO Results
  • Blog top 5 source referring traffic to corporate site
  • Monthly Web site visitors doubled
  • Top 30 SERPs increased from 2 to 20
  • Unique visitors increased 500%.

Case Study 2: Online book/games retailer:

- Stimulate online community and book sales by offering brain teasers, puzzles and learning games.
- Create SEO'd blog, communities on Facebook, Twitter and promotions on Flickr and StumbleUpon, etc.
SEO Results
  • Unique keywords referring traffic Jul 07: 9,874 Jul 08: 18,809
  • Monthly unique visitors Jul 07: 31,820 Jul 08: 159,138
  • Monthly Page views Jul 07: 77,287 Jul 08: 406,455

Case Study 3: Top Rank Blog

- Increase thought leadership, industry visibility, media coverage and lead generation.
- Publish a regular schedule of unique content: industry and SEM agency insights, interviews, conference coverage, surveys, blog reviews and blog tools, photos and video.
For 07/01 -07/31 (worst month in 2008):
  • Search: 26,980 visits via 12,653 keywords 95,668 page views
  • Ranking: "online marketing"#2
  • Ranking: "blog optimization"#2, 3
  • Average 4 advertising inquiries/week
  • Average 1 media inquiry/week
  • 4-5 business inquiries/week


Lee ended his presentation with five takeaways:

1. Goals drive content
2. Automate SEO as much as possible
3. Socialize
4. Measure
5. Refine and repeat

Visit Lee's blog for a more detailed post on SEO for blogs.

Other speakers at this session included (Chris Boggs, Daron Babin and Amanda Watlingon).

Written by: Lid Davis web strategy manager at large for Inc.

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