Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A New Search Engine Testing the Waters

The latest search engine company to tell me about their 'stealth' company is ManagedQ. It has a sexy, black background, no ads, and a great way of seeing search results in something other than plain text. It has a feature that highlights the words you searched on and allows you to search for another keyword/phrase within the results already found. And to help you do more with your search they bucket related links to your query into People, Places, and Things. It is all about images/screenshots so scrolling through the snapshots of the pages (which uses's technology (weren't they an old search engine?)) is extremely fast. Once you see a result/page that you would like to click on they display the page but buried in some sort of iFrame and I don't see a way to get out of their product and see the site on its own. Talk about trapped! They make heavy use of title and meta tags to display summaries of the pages. This is a good thing for sites that pay attention to those items. The results are Google results but the on-demand application (a buzz word usage I admit) is to be portable, a layer onto of any existing engine.

So where is the added value? Coming I hope. Meanwhile you can get the page snapshot display from SNAP directly (florists example) and add the screenshots to your Google search results display with the FireFox plug-in BetterSearch. Maybe SnapShots and ManagedQ are both Bill Gross companies? Hhhmmmm.

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