Friday, October 05, 2007

Advertisers Moving Money Out of Search?

Rumours have it that advertisers are backing off on their investment in search. I say Phooey! While I believe offline and online marketing agencies are correct is saying that all things (especially PR in my opinion) drive up search traffic, search is still the 'closer', the last step in in a sale or delivering a lead; the most important step. It is analogous to lots of sales situations in the enterprise world. Sales reps are given a hot lead from a potential customer who filled out a form, landing there because of clicking on a search result. They wanted to be sent more information or talk with a sales rep. They wanted to! But in order for the potential customer to go from lead to pipeline to becoming a customer, the sales rep has to close the deal. Search provides, more often, the type of lead that sales can close. It is the 'last mile' of the buying process. Advertisers know that. Agencies should stop recommending that advertisers move money away from search into sexy Web 2.0 media. Search isn't sexy. Search is the 'closer'.

The IAB says the search spend is pretty well flatlined (1% gain), [I bet they didn't ask their Board of Directors or Search Committee about that statistic as I bet they would want to disagree], search is 41% of the online spending

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