Friday, September 14, 2007

Mind the Gap! Conversational Marketing Opportunities

I love that expression. It reminds me of London. I gleamed a number (tons!) of interesting pieces of advice and insight at the Conversational Marketing Summit. Here are two:

Mind the Gap. The gap between consumer activity on the internet and the spending of advertising online. It seems that advertisers have huge opportunities, especially in the world of conversational marketing, to reach out to potential buyers and influencers. Conversational marketing on conversational media engages the viewer in exciting and creative ways. Of course that takes an exciting and creative advertising agencies.

Promoting a Better Place. What if your message to the world about your company was "the world would be a better place if {fill in your brand statement}". Here is a quote that talks about this way of marketing:

"We believe the world would be a better place if brands realized their Big Ideals,” said Hayden, who as vice chairman is the agency’s highest-ranking creative leader since David Ogilvy himself. “If they stand for a cause of enduring importance, if their actions bear out their commitment to something bigger than positioning, voice and visual identity. Big Ideals are powerful because they cross borders and demographic segments, they scale and work across media, and because they release creativity and big ideas."

Both thoughts were presented by Steve Hayden. Yes, the famous one; the one who dreamed up the first Apple commercials in 1984. Steve is Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide and has been in the business a long time, and yet manages to be one of the leading proponents of conversational marketing. Why aren't other brands and agencies seeing the opportunity?

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Conversational Marketing Summit A Hit

Yesterday I attended the Conversational Marketing Summit hosted by John Battelle and his company Federated Media. Have you heard of FM? If you are looking for innovative advertising opportunities in the blogosphere, then you need to talk with Federated Media.

The conference was fascinating. The discussion was all about getting into a conversation with your target audience. Being willing to accept the negative responses to a campaign in the real-time world. Many of the large agencies spoke about campaigns they have created for their big clients: videos, contests, tv to internet ads, forums. Lots of talk about the buying response of buyers based on watching and engaging in a conversation with the advertisers.

Have you heard of Crackle, Veoh, Marketing Evolution, Kos Media? Do you regularly check out what Digg is doing? Are you aware of the advertising opportunities with mySpace, Facebook and Google that have emerged in the Conversational Marketing arena? In a one day conference I learned about 1% of what is going on out there for advertisers willing to take an uncalculated risk. I am planning on learning more.

Here is the ultimate example of engaging with your customer. DOVE. (get a Kleenex out when you watch the video of the young girls who don't like their bodies).

Dove Home Page
Pro-Age (not anti-aging) campaign with women over 50 - in the all together - h (posted in times square).
That amazing billboard campaign of real women in their underwear.
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty - their answer to helping women feel better about themselves:
- the tear jerking video
- the EVOLUTION film - one of youtube's most viewed
- the spoof video SLOB film - this is where Dove needed a sense of humour
The Share Your Views Site - lots of conversations

Links for more information. Have fun!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Amanda Evans Joins Team

I am thrilled to say that Amanda Evans has joined the team. For years and years (starting in 1999) I have wanted to work for Amanda when she was heading up search marketing for HP Shopping. And now Amanda will work for me and take her years of experience to WebMama clients. Quite the full circle. She will be a senior consultant for some existing clients - Verisign and Teleflora - and looking for another challenge like Wes has with Vonage.

Amanda's Bio: Prior to joining, Amanda Evans spent 7 years with Hewlett Packard Company developing and managing the company's search engine marketing strategy and campaigns. She was also responsible for loyalty marketing and interactive advertising for, HP's consumer e-commerce division. In addition to her time at HP, Amanda has also held online marketing positions at internet startup, and PC manufacturer Acer.

Amanda holds an M.B.A from San Jose State University and a B.S.C. from Santa Clara University

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