Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Successful Site Architecture at SES

Jet lag was quickly eliminated as I jumped from the airplane to the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. I got off easy this time and was just a moderator of my favorite session on Search Friendly Site Architecture. A few takeaways from the speakers:

Derrick Wheeler - you want to get 'crawled, indexed and ranked'. Your site architecture and choices of technology can effect the first two significantly. His main point: Take control of the situation and don't leave it up to the engines to: figure out how to navigate through your site, decide which pages are the most important, follow javascript, ignore session ids, etc, etc, etc. Give the search engines clear information about your site.

Matt Bailey - He encouraged us to think about optimized sites as equivalent to accessible sites. Really the same guidelines apply. And those guidelines are very similar to Google Webmaster guidelines. He insisted all read what Google offers for free. He also loudly voiced one of my favourite lines - THE SEARCH ENGINES WANT YOUR CONTENT - so give it to them clearly.

Me - mostly I gave examples of the situations described during Q&A. A good example of use of flash (, a good example of use of dynamic content (hidden divs) (, good example of the use of H1, H2s on content pages (

We all agreed that one person can 'forget' the SEO tactics that have successfully placed your site in high ranking positions and reverse the goodness with a stroke of a key. Education and guidelines are critical to continuing to grow the quality traffic from search results.


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