Thursday, August 09, 2007

World Travels - WebMama on the Road

I am sure a few (2?) noticed that I hadn't posted to this blog for a few weeks. I have been traveling - a lot. Through Quebec, at the cottage outside Ottawa, Washington DC, through Pecs, Sopron, Balaton in Hungary. We are now in Budapest and heading on the 4 th leg of our trip tomorrow - south-west Ireland. An amazing vacation made possible by the excellence and committment of my team, and the virtual nature of .dot com company management.

Internet access has been there quite readily when I needed it. {and thanks to two new clients - Vonage and Teleflora and the increasing activity of current clients VMware and Verisign - I needed it.} But it has been a PAIN phoning outside of Hungary. T-Mobile owns the market here and is very, very inconsistent in providing telephone service, through my cell phone, to US and Canada. It is interesting to see Google in action from another country. I am right now writing this blog entry in a Hungarian user interface - IP sniffing is not just for AdWords and it appears.

I still read My Yahoo! home page with all the industry RSS feeds regularly and am happy to see the industry ticking along as usual. I will be jumping back in, with both feet, on the 20th when SES starts.

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