Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Multi-Language/Country Targeting Online

A few nuggets from SES Latino speakers:

From Huipling Iler from WinTranslation:
  • the more creative the copy in English the harder it is to translate. Keep the copywriters grounded. (really excellent observation)
  • Optimize multilingual content on your site
  • Optimize how you reach the content (great example is Northwest airlines - the link to the non-.com sites is under a small font text on the top right of the home page that says "worldwide sites". Doesn't mean much to a person who doesn't speak much English.
  • Use flags or the country name in the native language
  • Excellent white paper on Maximizing Visibility for Multilingual Web Sites available from WinTranslation
From Frances Petty from LaNacion.com.
  • Get external links to country domains, not just .com (obvious? Very difficult for sure)
  • Let user's generate some content because they will write with typos and use accents that you don't want to include in the formal content on the website (brilliant Frances)
  • Asks this question: Do you market your .com site as your brand and then give your users a clear link to their language or country of choice site?
From Comscore:
  • There will be 100K search advertisers in Latin America (including Brazil) by 2010
  • Search is 37% of the online marketing spend in LATAM
  • Of the 184M in Brazil, 32M are online
  • Of the 38M in Argentina, 10M are online

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Reaching Latin Americans Through Search Engine Marketing

I am in Miami today listening to experts in reaching Latinos and Hispanics through search engine marketing, including paid and organic. This is a frustrated but enthusiastic group. Frustrated because they have been preaching the opportunity inside the buying power of the Hispanic and South American businesses and consumers for years and years and nobody seems to be listening. Enthusiastic because they know that they are right! There are opportunities and those that believe will make money.

Statistics, clearly, the opportunity exists. High internet penetration, high (higher than US) page views per day, and more time spent on the web. Yes it is a younger audience, very involved in social networking and mobile. It may not be the place to sell enterprise software - yet, but it is definitely the place to establish brands and sell what the kids want: games, music, food...etc.

Google 'owns' 70%+ of the searches in Latin America. Google has chosen Buenos Aires as its Latin American headquarters. They are ramping up on engineering and sales in the region. They think this is a serious opportunity.

The audience here at SES Latino is primarily Latin Spanish or Brazilian speakers. I am one of the few speakers who does not speak Spanish or Portueguese, and it is a humbling experience. With all the opportunity in South America and the huge Hispanic population in the US, I wish I spoke the language.

Next year I expect SES Latino to be in Buenos Aires. It is a great opportunity for US/Canadian advertisers and agencies to experience first hand the exciting opportunities in the culturally different world.

Next post - what Spanish do you use for a global company?


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