Friday, June 01, 2007

What Do You Do To Promote a Blog?

I have a blog. I have had a blog since March 2003. I am now serious about the WebMama Blog. So what do I do to get more people to read it? I am not a big fan of link building except for new sites, so I am treating my blog like a new site and submitting it.

Search Engines: The good news is that I host this blog on; aka Google. My postings appear in Google Blog search within 30 seconds. Technorati picks it up not much later. Now that Universal Search has hit the stands (more about that later), it is often that my blog posting shows up in search results, in addition to listings - cool! And the tags are the primary driver of those rankings.

Directories: I have been paying my way in or asking for a listing in a few directories. In the internet marketing world there are many. Sure I become one of many in my category but it provides another way for potential visitors to find the WebMama's Blog as most of the directories have a place for listing a blog in the profile. This is finally getting me to add to some SEO directories (example: SEO Consultants) out there and getting me to update my profile on SEMPO. I plan on adding my blog to at least one directory every 2-3 days for the next few months.

Friends and Colleagues: I am reaching out to business friends to let them know that I am active on my blog and have some useful thoughts about the search marketing industry. Example, Lee Odden added me to his BIGLIST Search Marketing Blog this morning. Thanks Lee.

Press: I personally contacted people at SearchEngineWatch, Clickz, and SearchEngineLand to make sure they are watching my blog for potential news. Kevin Newcomb at the SearchEngineWatch Blog has linked from their blog to mine a few times; when he likes what I have to say.

WebSites: I have used FeedRoll to dynamically add my blog posts to the home page of my company's website.

So, as I tell my clients, link building is about visibility on relevant websites and it isn't about PageRank. It really is all about quality traffic. I guess if you are visiting here you are quality.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Google Buys Application Security Company -

So Google is buying a security company. No a big surprise. The more data they collect, and the more applications they put on the desktop, the more vulnerable their users become. Here is a quote from June 27, 2006 written by the Silicon Valley Watcher (clever group them):

Green Border could provide a lot more value if it became part of a say a Yahoo, Google, or an Amazon toolbar. It could protect e-commerce transactions and guard against identity theft on a far larger scale than selling individual consumer licenses. And the big online sites would be able to encourage safe e-commerce before more and more people get burned and stay away from online shopping altogether.

Security for e-commerce transactions is a good point. With Google using an even BIGGER image in its ads to point people to Google Checkout so they can use Google Wallet for purchases, e-commerce will heat up and Google become more relied on to be 'trusted'.

Google CheckOut and Security

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