Friday, May 18, 2007

Hello! Google/Microsoft as your Search Marketing Agency??

Dear Past, Current and Future Clients:

Does it make sense for your media vendor to be managing your spend on media buys? To be making strategic decisions on how you distribute your advertising money and at the same time supplying the analytical tools you use to determine ROI!

Aside from the totally obvious value of both companies owning major ad-serving networks, it seems a great way to get better direct control over advertisers accounts. How long before the clients start moving either to in-house management or finding other search marketing companies like that are not potential acquisition targets?

Hey Harrison - Hope you left Aquantive with lots of stock when you went to Microsoft. And, by the way, you can have your old job back without switching logos on your business card this time.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Search Engine Marketing - in the News - A LOT!

I don't remember the first time I used the 'news alert' function provided by Yahoo and Google, but I do know that under the phrases I watch closely there has been a 10-fold increase in news articles I get in my email summary each day for my watch phrase search engine marketing. I'd like to venture a few reasons for this:

1. Search Marketing is REALLY important to any advertising campaign therefore written about much more than before.
2. It is an online marketing tactic and therefore most information about it is found online.
3. Search marketers are REALLY good at including the phrase search engine marketing in their press releases so that their name shows up in news alerts like mine.
4. There are a TON of search marketing companies out there, putting out press releases, vying for the attention of potential clients.

I love the notice of what new research is available out there, and the easy to read summary of what my competitors are up to these days. Thanks guys for pushing out so much news.

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