Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Seeding the Search Engines for a Presentation on SEM

On Wednesday last week, while on vacation, I spoke at an IIMA conference in Vancouver. The talk was about 'Visibility on the Web'. My goal was to convey to the audience of primarily Internet Marketers that it isn't just about the regular .com search but that searches from any tab on the search bar should yield client or your own business results.

I seeded the web by putting out a press release (news alerts and news search) and a blog posting (google or technorati). There were enough pictures of me (yech!). There is a local business listing and map of my business. I have a wikipedia entry for Barbara Coll because of my past role in the Search Engine Marketing industry and SEMPO. There is a book I am quoted in. I belong to a few groups and have 1991 UseNet postings. It is all about showing up no matter what type of media people are searching for. I am working on getting a video created to help explain this marketing strategy to clients who are very, very interested.

Oh, and I plan on posting a review of the amazing resort we stayed in on Vancouver Island, on TripAdvisor. Just one more place to increase my visibility on the web.

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