Thursday, April 05, 2007 New WebSite!

I can't believe it but my company finally has a new website. The goal was to use the current ways of providing information to interested parties and to update the design to give the site a more modern and sophisticated look.

I have always believed in giving away most of my knowledge about Search Engine Marketing because I believe in educating the next generation on good marketing strategies. It doesn't seem to lose us any business as everybody sees how much work it is and hires us anyway. Thanks to the fantastic team of writers and developers who made this happen.

Just to list the ways the site uses the current methods of distributing information (and not call them Web 2.0 tactics):

- updated list of my blog postings
- audio snippets for my upcoming talks
- listings of podcasts I was featured in
- quotes from clients, business colleagues and partners
- downloads available of all recent presentations

The most fun I had (and the most time consuming) was updating the time line of how WebMama the name and the company came into being. Enjoy!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Safa Rashtchy Moves On from Piper Jaffray

Do you know who Safa is? He was the man that stood up at the first SEMPO meeting in August 2003 and used the B word when talking about search engine marketing. The B word? BILLION. He was talking $7B by 2007 at that point and few believed him. I think he made his point (and the industry way beat his numbers).

SEMPO's Board believed him (and in his numbers). We made him a member of the SEMPO Advisory Board because he understood the coming growth of the industry. I want to thank Safa for his amazing predications and support of the industry. I know he will continue to have an influence over me and the web world in the future. Have fun Safa.

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