Friday, February 09, 2007

InventYourFuture Presentation

I just gave (performed?) a session on 'How to Become Visible on the Web' (aka 'You Don't Generate Interest or Sales If They Can't Find You'). It was a crowd of small business owners, corporate women and women who are ready to go from small to large businesses. You can find the presentation at: (a few MBs of PPT). As usual I used the fire hose technique to educate people on the opportunities and complexity of search engine marketing in standard search, news, images, video, blogs, rss, local, etc, etc.....

It was a GREAT conference coined the The Entrepreneurial Skills Conference. I will be posting about the next one as soon as it is announced. A bottle of really good Napa Valley Cab to the first person who can figure out why they can't get into the Google index.

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YouTube Videos You Don't Want To See in Google Results - BUT YOU WILL Like It Or NOT!

Searching for shoes on Google brings up and like usual, but stuffed in between is a YouTube result. The description reads like - well - someone who uses a lot of swear words to get their point across. I hope Google is going to start filtering this kind of content. Assuming that YouTube tags and content around the videos is 'safe' content is a mistake. I don't think they want the word fuc#!!k to show up in their results for consumer-based words like shoes. I certainly don't want to see it.

Here is a link to the live results. Here is a link to the screen shot in case Google takes the action they should.

Come on Guys. Even though you own the YouTube content doesn't mean we want to see it.

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