Friday, February 02, 2007

Search Engines and Videos

You know, all this hype about videos and search is really about text-based content and hyperlinks. It is amazing that there is so much buzz around search engines 'indexing' your videos so that they appear in searches like these:

Google Search for Saturn Advertising
SingingFish Search for Search Engine Marketing

It isn't any different than what we do for pdfs or html files, or really any content we would like engines to find. Anyway, here is some information recently published.

Excerpt from Imediaconnection article by Stuart Larkins of Performics.
SES Chicago 2006 Session on Optimizing Video for Search Engines

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moving on Up!

This month was ranked #7 in the list of Search Engine Optimization Firms on by Sure we paid to get reviewed but we didn't pay to get ranked; sure sounds familiar. With our client list now including, HP, WebEx, VMware, and Verisign I am not surprised we are moving up. 7th this month, above the fold next (maybe).

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Most People Use Two-Word Phrases When They Search

Data released by this month show that most people use two-word phrases when conducting online searches. The research, based on a sample of 2 million visitors of 100 countries, found that 28 percent of all searches are two-word phrases and 27 percent are three word phrases. Certainly jives with the keyword research that we do for clients. And the more words they search on, the better they convert when they visit your site.

The Top 10 List: Number of Words Used in Search:

1. Two word phrases 28.38 percent
2. Three word phrases 27.15 percent
3. Four word phrases 16.42 percent
4. One word phrase 13.48 percent
5. Five word phrases 8.03 percent
6. Six word phrases 3.67 percent
7. Seven word phrases 1.63 percent
8. Eight word phrases 0.73 percent
9. Nine word phrases 0.34 percent
10. Ten word phrases 0.16 percent

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