Friday, January 19, 2007

6.7 Billion Searches Performed in December 2006

Earlier this week, comScore released its qSearch analysis – a report on search engine activity - and found U.S. users performed a staggering 6.7 billion searches in December 2006. This is up 30 percent from December 2005.

Of course, Google still leads the way with 47.3 percent of the U.S. search market, followed by Yahoo! at 28.5 percent, Microsoft 10.5 percent, Ask Network 5.4 percent and Time Warner Network 4.9 percent.

What this means in the SEMosphere is if you are not actively optimizing your Website for search engines - big mistake….huge!

Think about it: In one month 6.7 billion searches were performed.

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I loved this tidbit of information I got recently. Second question - how in the world did Turkish make the list? It is important to remember that in some countries, like India, the chosen language for searching is English and that most technical content on the web is available in English.

First a Quote from Google: “While Google doesn't provide details in order of popularity of searches at the present time I can confirm that the following languages are the most popular root searches conducted on Google”:


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