Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WebMama Team Members Speaking at Web Builder 2.0

Three of the WebMama.com team members are speaking at Thunder Lizards' Web Builder 2.0. As many of you know I run a virtual company. Many of my team work for other companies or as independent consultants. They are a critical part of my ability to deliver the stellar results we have to date. Thunder Lizard conferences play a big role in my career as their conference in Orlando, or was it Monterey in 1999, was the first time I spoke on stage about search marketing. I believe I was replacing a stranded Eric Ward.

Lance Loveday and I have been working together since 1999. It was then he brought me into HP as a consultant to set up their first Search Engine Marketing programs. [see WebMama History] And now Lance is CEO of this own company, Closed Loop Marketing, and lead on the SEM work we do for HP. He will be presenting on the following:

Browsing to Buying: Designing for Conversion
Pleasing Users and Search Engines Alike: Balancing Design, Usability and SEO
Getting Found: Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Sandra Niehaus is an expert on usability and conversion. She and Lance recently penned a book on the subject that she is speaking on at the conference:

Web Design for ROI: Turning Browsers into Buyers

Amy Greer joined Lance recently and will be speaking on the following:

Harnessing the Power of RSS

And the conference is in Las Vegas where I am sure they will all have a great time. Best of luck team.

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