Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Search Keywords = Sales. Why not use them in other advertising?

Search Keyword Theory is quite simple. VRC: Volume, Relevancy and Converting. The words you choose to optimize your site with need to be a balance of all three. But words from the marcom department's press releases and the CEO's blog are not going to get you the volume of traffic you need in order to get to the most important part of the equation - C.

This is not a 'big idea' or a hot topic or tip. It is new to many 'other' marketers who wonder why nobody clicks on a banner (yes, people actually do click on banners sometimes) that says architecturally designed with ergonomic arch for maximum endurance when their customers are really looking for some new running shoes. New Running Shoes is what they are going to enter into a search box. The landing page needs to say New Running Shoes and maybe, in a little font, the new words dreamed up by product managers who have run out of adjectives.

A little harsh you say? Maybe, but search isn't at the top of the effectiveness heap because of marketing spin. The lessons learned from search should be applied to other forms of advertising. Imagine a billboard that said: Get New Running Shoes from Us! It works for search.

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