Monday, July 02, 2007

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Tools Presentations

You will find the following two presentations on my website:

SES Latino - Successful Site Architecture (ppt) - my standard pitch on making your website search friendly by adhering to some basic development and design guidelines that DON'T change. In this version of the talk, I address the method of sending all URLs to the search engines for review (it DOES NOT guarantee indexing in the databases, just crawling). Check it out to learn more about Sitemaps for Google and Yahoo. (zip version)

Searchnomics - Search Engine Marketing Tools - I address search marketing tools for paid search and optimization. My twist on this subject is the belief that using automated tools is NOT a good idea for paid search marketing; that it hinders competitive and messaging advertising through search. (zip version)

It is one of my joys in life to present in front of an audience. (For those that know me this will not come as a great surprise). And sometimes I do it for the pure pleasure of seeing people in the audience smile in agreement when I tell a story of the pain of SEO.

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