Thursday, July 05, 2007

Online to Offline Effects of a Search - A Report from Yahoo!

MarketingVox reports: "Consumers who search online for televisions and digital cameras on average choose to spend 10 percent more when making their purchase in-store, compared with those who did not use a search engine, according to new research from Yahoo!, ChannelForce and MarketingCharts reports."

So the assumption is that they start with a search engine and click through on a result (paid would be good for Yahoo of course). I wonder if there is a correlation between which site they visited to find information on what to buy and where they went offline to buy it. Meaning, if they were at did they then go and purchase an hp camera in no particular store? Or were they at comparing cameras and headed to bestbuy to purchase an HP camera? Or maybe found the camera on and bought it at the closest bestbuy store because they were headed there anyways?

And remember that Yahoo is working hard to show an increase in conversions based on the Panama changes, which didn't really increase conversion. I expect they commissioned this report to get press for themselves about the search lift of online to offline conversions.

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