Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Searchnomics - Learn about search marketing and its future.

This conference is a little different than other search marketing conferences - it is only 1 day long! Ok, that isn't the only difference. It is also packed full of sessions that aren't all about tactics and short-term strategies. Yes it has some of the usual suspects but we are getting a chance to talk more informal, more causally, than other times. I recommend it highly.

I will be doing the session on Search Engine Marketing tools - making the case for using no bid management tools, using the vendor tools, but not making it a closed loop, automated process.

Wednesday June 27, Santa Clara Convention Center. Registration. I believe I still have one guess pass for $275 if people are interested in going at the last minute. Just drop me a line at bcoll (at) webmama.com.

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