Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Multi-Language/Country Targeting Online

A few nuggets from SES Latino speakers:

From Huipling Iler from WinTranslation:
  • the more creative the copy in English the harder it is to translate. Keep the copywriters grounded. (really excellent observation)
  • Optimize multilingual content on your site
  • Optimize how you reach the content (great example is Northwest airlines - the link to the non-.com sites is under a small font text on the top right of the home page that says "worldwide sites". Doesn't mean much to a person who doesn't speak much English.
  • Use flags or the country name in the native language
  • Excellent white paper on Maximizing Visibility for Multilingual Web Sites available from WinTranslation
From Frances Petty from LaNacion.com.
  • Get external links to country domains, not just .com (obvious? Very difficult for sure)
  • Let user's generate some content because they will write with typos and use accents that you don't want to include in the formal content on the website (brilliant Frances)
  • Asks this question: Do you market your .com site as your brand and then give your users a clear link to their language or country of choice site?
From Comscore:
  • There will be 100K search advertisers in Latin America (including Brazil) by 2010
  • Search is 37% of the online marketing spend in LATAM
  • Of the 184M in Brazil, 32M are online
  • Of the 38M in Argentina, 10M are online

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