Monday, June 11, 2007

Google Quality Score Post by Amy Konefal (a Team Member)

Google Quality Score: What’s the True Measure of "Quality" Anyway?

In this blog Amy talks about the return of the click-through rate being an important (man it hurts to say that) measure in order to stay at a reasonable price and good position in Google Adwords. A few words from Amy's Google Blogoscoped posting:

"However, those keywords that are getting lower click-through rates due to the use of strategic, pre-qualifying ad descriptions that are written for conversion, could end up being deemed ‘poor quality’ by Google. The result often is that the advertiser is forced to pay much more per click to compete in the listings (I’ve seen minimum bid requirements up to $20 per click!). Even when that very same set of keywords combined with the pre-qualifying ad description happens to be the winning combination that produces the most conversions and highest ROI for your company!"


But what I’d suggest to Google and Yahoo is that they look at this from a longer-term perspective. Who is going to bring you more money over time? The advertiser who is successful because they’ve adjusted their campaign to maximize conversions... therefore seen that PPC can be one of their top ROI-producing marketing channels... therefore moved more of their dollars from traditional marketing to PPC ... and are sustaining and increasing this budget more and more over time? Or the marketer who may very well be producing a large volume of clicks, impressions and a high click-through rate for their company... but quite possibly may not be impacting their company’s bottom line?"

Thank you Amy for your perspective.

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