Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WebMama's Best of Optimized Site Award: SEO at its Best.

I really, really enjoy finding a website that employs SEO best practices. On a regular basis I plan on awarding these sites the WebMama True SEO Merit Award. The first recipient of the WebMama True SEO Site Merit Award is a rare find; they are in the travel business where SEO spam abounds.


The TITLE tag says it all - Ireland Tours - Vacations in Ireland - Escorted Coach Tours - Ireland Packages. Short and to the point. Other SEO Best Practices: superb internal linking, text-based content and links, sitemap, relevant linking out, a visually pleasing and easy to navigate user interface, clean URLs, unique TITLE tags, and I could go on and on. If someone would like to take credit for this excellent job I will post your name here.

And what a surprise! They show up #1 on for: vacations in ireland, and tours of ireland - with 4 extra links and a second result. Quite outstanding.

Off to Ireland we go this summer - with guess who as our vacation planners?

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