Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Small PPC Budget? What To Do?

There are a myriad of companies spending somewhere in the range of $3000-$10000 a month on paid search marketing. The smart ones are realizing that managing PPC in-house is hard and they are afraid (and rightly so in most cases) that they are not spending their company's money wisely. They decide it is time to get some outside help. They call WebMama.com. I can't help them!

Why? Because I can't justify the resources it takes to come up to speed on a company's mission, figure out their marketing strategy, figure out where search fits in their marketing strategy, learn their product line, relationships with the search engines, do the keyword analysis, fix or create creatives, work on destination pages and put tracking in place, all for $450-1500/per month. [That is our fee for our smaller clients - 15% of media buys.] That just isn't enough money to cover the hours it takes to 'do' search.

Other than saying NO as nicely as I can, I try to steer them towards some educational courses at SEMPO so that they are more knowledgeable (ie will learn to stop burning money on broad match, single words). But really, they don't have the time to do the day-to-day management of search marketing themselves. There are companies that will manage your search campaigns for that small of an amount of money, but I am suspect that they will be managing the campaigns in a black box with no regard to company strategy, the competitive search landscape, and the best ROI for the customer's bucks. And don't tell me tools are the solution to this problem (I will be covering this topic further at Searchnomics in June). It is a niche that I don't see being filled and I am not sure how it should be filled.


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