Thursday, May 10, 2007

SES Latino Coming Soon - I need data!

Hola! On June 18-19 in hot Miami, Nacho Hernandez will once again lead the pack (and the industry) at SES Latino. The Hispanic / Latino consumers are ready to be sold products and information through their searches online. Have you started targetting them? If not, you are behind the curve and your competition may already be there, so you need to come listen to the best strategies and methods for reaching those consumers via search marketing.

I will be giving the talk on Site Architecture for Search Friendly Sites. This will be in English (as will the whole conference). The fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization do not change based on what language you use on your site; they are a critical part of all website development.

I need to gather some info so please expect a few polls like this in the next few days.

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