Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Google Buys Application Security Company -

So Google is buying a security company. No a big surprise. The more data they collect, and the more applications they put on the desktop, the more vulnerable their users become. Here is a quote from June 27, 2006 written by the Silicon Valley Watcher (clever group them):

Green Border could provide a lot more value if it became part of a say a Yahoo, Google, or an Amazon toolbar. It could protect e-commerce transactions and guard against identity theft on a far larger scale than selling individual consumer licenses. And the big online sites would be able to encourage safe e-commerce before more and more people get burned and stay away from online shopping altogether.

Security for e-commerce transactions is a good point. With Google using an even BIGGER image in its ads to point people to Google Checkout so they can use Google Wallet for purchases, e-commerce will heat up and Google become more relied on to be 'trusted'.

Google CheckOut and Security

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